My name is Juntima.
I'm Interaction Designer.

I'm a passionate interaction designer. I craft to order and design for living.
I love you and your user! Nothing is more important than designing a better world to live in.
I obsessed ahem -- focus on usability, human-centered design and of course
make things look pretty!


This is a small collection of my recent works. Please don't hesitate to go around and play with it!

Touch Drive

Master Thesis
Design Concept of a tactical controller
for semi-autonomous car

Kuggen App

Mobile Application


Diversify - Hackathon
Web Application

Gear App

Design concept on 'Smart Home'


Web Design

Thonglor Dental Hospital

Web design and Development

Get in touch?

I design, therefore I am.
Do you know some cool people interested to work with me? Or are you?
Why don't we go for a fika? Don't hesitate to send me an email.
Or if you want to my CV, just simply click on the link below.