Type Coursework (Group)
Taken part Gameplay and Visual Design
Tools Hand Sketch, Adobe Photoshop, Paper prototype
Time Used 3 weeks
Resource Full report

Game theme

The game theme is rooted in world politics and is aiming at sarcastically gamify today’s capitalistic economy and the corruption that comes along with it. Each player takes the role of a ruthless investor with the goal to become the most successful businessman in history. This is achieved by buying resources which generates income (gold), managing public relations (trust), and completing specific missions (presented in mission cards) in order to become the top player on the international market. Just like in the real world, the resources in the game are finite and when they run out, the players need to fight for them by special actions (by collecting special action cards) or by changing their strategy and go for a new mission.

The resources in the game consist of a mix of legal and illegal markets. All in all, we have limited the resources to: drugs, weapons, fuel, mining, labour, tourism, electronics and food production. In the world we live in, as well as in the game, all of these resources generate a lot of money. However, the exploitation of the resources inflict on sustainability and public opinion. This is what creates the irony in the game: the greed is emptying the world’s resources, but you make a lot of money. While resources always generate gold, some of them have a negative trust value. Like in every business, having no trust by the public affects your position on the market. Hence, when you don’t have any trust left, a resource is lost.

In a corrupt society everything can be bought with the right amount of money. This is also true with our game, where you can turn money (gold) into trust to keep your power status. With trust, players are able to change strategy by exchanging missions, steal an opponent’s resource or kidnap someone to any place. The resemblance to the real world is that by using your trustworthiness, you can almost get away with anything. For instance, some well known chocolate brands get their raw materials from plantations that uses trafficked child labour, but this is hidden from the public. The game theme is touching on these sensitive topics, which makes it a critical game, design-wise.

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