Gamifying Homework

Gamifying Homework

Type Coursework (Group)
Taken part Gameplay and Visual Design
Tools Hand Sketch, Adobe Photoshop
Time Used 3 weeks

Design Concept

The Swedish school plan says that “education should stimulate students curiosity [...]”. To reinforce this notion, we believe that a game that incorporates what has to be learnt during the semesters can be a useful complement to the normal curriculum. We are taking advantage of the assumption that many children today like to play computer games and many of them are very good at it. A child who plays computer games somehow develop his/her computer skill after playing for a short while. (computer skill in this context doesn’t mean only computer game but included other software as well)

The basic idea of our project is to create a quiz game, consisting of questions that the teacher has written together with different answer options. The game could be played single, or with multiple players, given that the users use the same computer. The innovative part of our game concept is that teachers from all over the country help contribute to the game questions, by storing them in a database. Thus, the game will always expand and the students will be faced with new knowledge and insights for every time they play the game. The game is quite small and you are able to finish one quiz round during a break.


We want to engage a child into a ‘fun’ activity and, at the same time, he/she could learn something from it. While playing with this kind of interactive homework, a child may not think of this as a homework but as entertaining multimedia. The long term goal is the idea that a child will perceive doing homework as a ‘piece-of-cake’ task that he/she could finish it within a short period of time and continue doing it without an adult forcing them to do, and that the child will get a thirst for knowledge.