Web-based Game - Expand your music collection and guess when music was made!


Type Hackathon - Diversify by Spotify
Taken part UX/UI and Visual Design
Tools Adobe Photoshop
Time Used 2 days
Resource Saturn Game - Play it here!

Design Concept

When arriving at Spotify, we heard that we need to hack something in relation to music. We had so many ideas ranging from web application to mobile or even a social network platform. But we don't want to be too ambitious and did not finish our product in time. So we agreed upon building a fun cool game. Then the idea of Saturn was born. Saturn get inspired by a swedish game 'när då då'. När då då is a board game of guessing correct time span of each product. In Saturn, player need to guess which year the music currently playing was made.

Saturn is a web-based game written in HTML5 and CSS3 with famous AngularJS and NodeJS. The game was written in over one night. I'm in charged only in design part. I took care of all visual elements, slicing PSD files and send to a group of wonderful developers. Lots of thank to my teammates who code this intrige game.

We didn't have enough time to iterate or do a heuristic evaluation but we let some passerby try this game out. The results were all positive. Everyone loves the game and get addict. Some even ask if it is possible if we could put this game on server somewhere so that they can play it at home. (or even introduce it to their partnet and family.) So, we are right now host it for you to try it out here.


I was selected to be a part of this awesome hackathon event. The idea of this hackathon is the most diverse hackathon ever. The participants are students from all over Sweden. Sounds not so diverse, isn't? But! It is actually as diverse as it could be. People with different background rather than only a conputer science. Participants are student who studied in Sweden but 50% of them are international. Like me and like my teammate who came from the states. The geeky event is remarkble in equility. There were 50/50 male and female hackers. It was tired but so much fun! Thanks Spotify for such a great event!

Saturn is the product of this event