Voice of TU

Thammasat University News Website

Voice of TU

Type Volunteer Work
Taken part Web Design
Tools Adobe Photoshop, Indesign and Illustrtor
Time Used 1 months

Design Concept

Thammasat University is the second oldest university in Thailand. The university is well-known for its social and political movement. There ought to be at least on one political activity or seminar going on each day in the university. It is so easy to miss out a thing. I got one friend who were a president of communication and journal club. He asked me if I could design a news website for him. So, here is the beginning of this project. This website theme colors are red and yellow as they are university's theme colors. The website sadly closed down a few years ago due to lack of budget. Also, te growth of social network in which report the news faster than the website. Nonetheless, it was fun to be in this project!


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